The Great Bean Mystery

The Garden Committee thought we had an easy task – Plant beans. However we have been presented with a challenge. Garden members, please share your version of the bean ‘situation”…

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What do the Garden Committee leaders do?

Garden members, please post what you’ve been doing in the comment section.

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Why are there bones in some of the garden beds?

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Have you noticed what is growing in the garden beds?

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Case of the Stolen Garlic

What do you know about the garlic plant that was stolen from one of the Tecumseh garden beds?

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Organic Gardening info

Organic Gardening info

Check out this site 🙂

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When to plant these?

Hi! Blossom here! The gardening commitee is planning to plant these plants. If you’d like, please send some suggestions and when to plant it.

iceberg lettuce: 6-8 weeks before spring frost

carrots: 3 weeks before last expected frost

Cherry tomatoes: 2-3 months with warm or hot weather

Potatoes: early spring

Strawberries: when soil is soft enough to work with

Can’t wait to see how they turn out!



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